Our Company


AGRICOLA VARAHONDA S.A. Has as its mission to be a leading company in the production and commercialization of tropical fruits, in order to satisfy the needs of the different markets that demand this type of fruit, offering its clients products of excellent quality starting from the application of Good Agricultural Practices And the care of the environment; Always seeking sustainability and profitability in their operations and contributing to the development of the Company, Employees, Suppliers and Shareholders, through a good management, agronomic and commercial management.


AGRICOLA VARAHONDA S.A. Will be in 2020 a highly Agro-export company, with products certified in different national and international standards, under an Agro-business model that generates a high social, economic and environmental balance, in search of the satisfaction of its shareholders through The adequate return of your investment.


  1. Integridad en su gente.
  2. Respect for human beings.
  3. Teamwork with discipline.
  4. Continuous improvement in all of our processes.
  5. Transparency, based on action with responsibility, honesty and commitment.
  6. Social and sustainable responsibility.
  7. Protecting the environment.
  8. Commitment to the quality of our products.
  9. Orientation for achievement in each of your employees.
  10. High performance in search of growth, sustainability and profitability

    Our quality policy is manifested through our firm commitment to CUSTOMERS to fully meet their requirements and expectations, for this we guarantee to promote a culture of quality based on the principles of honesty, leadership and development of human resources, solidarity, commitment to improvement and security In our operations

    The production schemes in Agrícola Varahonda are committed to being a reference for the national and international fruit industry, which seeks to be recognized by a high standard of quality of its processes, occupational safety, product safety and respect for the environment. The search for continuous improvement in processes and in cleaner production is our key to being competitive over time.

    Human talent is our main asset. That is why we seek to create a good working environment, which offers opportunities for growth and professional development for employees.


    Our company has a high commitment to the community with which it interacts, we seek through the generation of well-paid and sustainable employment, make an active contribution to the social and economic improvement of the areas where we act as suppliers, as employers or as clients.

    Similarly, it is irrigated in our people, our technical staff a culture of respect for the environment, we are strict in complying with environmental legislation and in the use of agrochemicals, we seek the use of environmentally friendly products, That operate under the framework of good agricultural practices, which in the end gives us an important comparative advantage.

    Our social and environmental responsibility program has become an element of permanent development for the organization. It is a challenge that arises from the top management, which seeks to strengthen sustainable development over time.

    Thus, the program to support the education of employees, the generation of employment with mothers head of household, the establishment of processes and procedures that seek the protection of water sources, flora and fauna and impart development With business ethics are clear examples of our growing policy of social and environmental responsibility.